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Queest Mountain Cabin – a Mountain right in Malakwa

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Yard Creek Campground

Created in 1956, Yard Creek Park is a popular roadside campground and day use area. It covers 60 hectares of beautiful forested upland, as well as a recently expanded area of 115 hectares of riparian habitat along the Eagle River. The park campground was closed in 2003, but is now open and being operated by the Malakwa Community Center Association on behalf of Columbia Shuswap Regional District. It offers 65 quiet, forest shaded RV and tent sites, trails and a popular day-use area with a log picnic shelter.

Just 15 kilometers east of Sicamous, along the Trans Canada Highway, Yard Creek is a great spot to use as a base camp for visiting the Sicamous and Shuswap Lake area. Due to its roadside location, Yard Creek Park is a haven for travelers from May to September. The park usually has vacancies during July and August and most long weekends.

The landscape surrounding Yard Creek Park is part of the lnterior Wetbelt characterized by cedar and hemlock forest and lush undergrowth. The park contains a variety of bird species including American dippers. These fascinating little birds dive into the icy waters of the creek and “fly” along under the water in search of water insects. Watch for them on the rocks along the creek.

Yard Creek Park is an independent campground run by the Malakwa Community Association. We have 65 quiet and treed sites. Sites – $25.00 per night. Firewood – $5.00 per bundle. No Hook Ups Potable Water. Pit Toilets. “True Camping Experience.” Open until the last week of September.

No Reservations are needed. For more information contact 250-836-3814.

Opening date for campers is May 17, 202. Effective July 26, 2018 campfires are banned, sorry no firewood sales.

Our rates are only $25 a night.

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Malakwa Centennial Park

Fortunately some years ago the Community Centre Association decided to buy the former Carney Pole property to retain it as a playing field for Malakwa and the surrounding area. The CSRD was generous with us to provide a grant to purchase this 6 acre piece of land that adjoins the Malakwa Centennial Park owned by the Malakwa Farmers Institute.

The Malakwa Centennial Park has been undergoing many upgrades over the past several months. A permanent stage has been built and the kitchen/concession building has received a wiring upgrade. Lights have been added to the stage and concession building. The park was dedicated in 1971 and for many years was enjoyed by the community for baseball games, picnics and community gatherings. The park is available to community members for reunions, and social activities . It is anticipated that the park will be enjoyed by everyone in the community for many years to come.


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 Malakwa Regional Library

Location: Malakwa Community Learning Centre – 3994 Malakwa Road

Open: Thursdays from 2 pm to 5 pm.

One time membership fee: Adults: $5.00 Children: $2.00

Everyone is welcome to come browse our library and borrow a book, video, or dvd.  We also have books available for sale.  Free Internet service is also available to our members.

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