malakwa railway station

Malakwa Railway Station

The Malakwa train station was very important to the community before the highway was upgraded in the 1950’s.  Residents used the railway as a means to travelling for business and pleasure to other communities.  The mail was delivered daily by the train.  The outgoing mail was put in a canva
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mcglones store malakwa

McGlone’s Store

John J. and Elizabeth Russel McGlone arrived in 1914 from the Riverdale area on the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto. They gave up a secure lifestyle; he as a planerman at the J. & J. Taylor Safeworks and she as a sales person in T. Eaton’s chinaware department, to seek a more adventurous
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malakwa school

The First School

Pictured here is the first school built in 1902.  The first school was called Craigellachie School.  The name was later changed to Malakwa School  in 1905.  The school was built on the same property where the school is situated today.  There were 11 students enrolled in 1902. Picture found and
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