Over the years the Community Centre Association has done its best to foster good relations with the participating communities by providing social and cultural events and helping to supervise interaction between the government and the people living in our area. We have made the community hall available for events put on by government agencies and rent it to groups and families for meetings, weddings and reunions, etc. Our hall is currently unavailable for any events due to the structural instability of the roof.  We are currently using the Malakwa Community Learning Centre to carry on any events for the community.  We have rooms available for rental, and or the gymnasium for larger events.  We are currently using the Malakwa Learning Centre as the hub if there is an emergency for the school or community. We also host community breakfasts at Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It is the gathering place for the Remembrance Day Luncheon, the Canada Day Parade and Strawberry Social as well as the Christmas Craft Sale. All in all the Community Learning Centre is currently the temporary centre of Malakwa.

Our Community Hall – if you have been a participant in one of these events in recent years you have probably become aware that our old building is not only not big enough anymore but also quite badly in need of repair. Thousands of dollars have been spent over the years trying to repair the roof to keep the building from perennial dampness, but because of the design of the structure it has been impossible to keep the moisture out. This situation and the general condition of the hall have finally led to it beening condemned for structural instability.  We have had many community discussions and  the reality of the situation is that we no longer have a choice – we must decide to construct a new community centre or find other avenues to be able to continue our community events, social events, cultural events and hold our community together for the future.

Malakwa Community Hall pre-demolition update, April 28, 2016

  1.  The hazardous materials assessment has been completed and paid for.
  2.  A grant application for funds to move and upgrade the Hall electrical system has been submitted to the Shuswap Community Foundation.  If this grant is approved, the electrical upgrade will be completed this year.
  3. The internet circuitry needs to be enclosed and protected.  No completion date so far.
  4. Once the electrical upgrade is done and internet wall enclosed, the Community Hall can be demolished.

If you would like to make a contribution we will issue you an Income Tax Receipt.