Yard Creek Campground will reopen Wednesday, June 2, 2021.  Closing date for 2021 is Thursday, September 9th.

If you have questions regarding the campsite, park or trails please email yardcreekcampground@gmail.com

Frequently asked questions:

1.  Does Yard Creek Campground take reservations?  No, we do not take reservations, we operate on a first come, first serve basis.

2. Do you take electronic payment or credit card payment?  No, we can only take cash or cheque.

3. Does Yard Creek Campground have showers, sewer and/or power hook ups?  No, Yard Creek Campground is a rustic campground without modern amenities.

4. How many vehicles (non camper) stay at 1 site?  One vehicle per site, every additional vehicle is a $15.00 charge.

5. How many tents per site?  We allow a maximum of 3 tents.

6. Who do we make cheques payable to?  Yard Creek Campground.

7.  How late can generators be run?  Our quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m.  Generators must be shut down by then.

8.  Can we bring our pets?  Yes, Yard Creek Campground is a pet friendly campground.  Please remember to keep them on a leach and clean up after them.

9.  How long can we stay in the campground?  14 days unless other arrangements are made with management.

10. How many motor homes per site?  One vehicle, extra vehicle is an additional $15.00 charge.

11. Do you have specific sites for tents or trailers?  No, we do not specify areas, feel free to pick your favourite spot!

12. Is your water drinkable?  Yes, if we have any water issues boil water advisories go out immediately at every water tap.

Firewood is available at the Park for $10.00 per bundle.

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