Malakwa Community Meeting Thursday, February 24/22

Highlights of the regular February meeting were as follows:

Members shared fond memories of long time member Dave Riley who recently passed.  Dave was a diligent and dedicated volunteer.

The association has recently hired a new bookkeeper as Alice has relocated to an eastern province.  After excellent interviews with 2 bookkeepers the position was filled by Isabelle Diederichs, a new member to the community of Malakwa and to the Malakwa Community Centre Association.  Isabell and her husband Allan were in attendance at the meeting and were welcomed by all.



(1)  Property Assessments have been received and filed

(2)  Grant application to the CSRD has been submitted to help with liability insurance.

(3)  Malakwa website domain name fee has been paid for 2022.

(4)  Fire Department – new doors have been installed at the firehall.

(5)  Preschool – new outdoor sign has been built and is ready for installation.

(6)  Neighbourhood Emergency Program will have a guest speaker later this year.

(7)  Gospel Church – Teen Centre continues to be very active on Friday evenings.

(8)  Learning Centre – discussion around the 2023 lease expiry.

New Business:

Music in the Park – interest in reactivating?

Farmer’s Market and Thrift Store possibly reopening?

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the Malakwa School.