March 2021 MCCA Meeting Highlights

Community members met recently outdoors to discuss the following items:

a) The Community Association is now the registered owner of the website.  A few years ago, Tennille Barber created a new site for the Association.  Tennille recently informed the Association that she no longer was in the web business and advised that she would prefer us to register the hosting in the community name.  This has been taken care of.  As in the past Sandra Northway maintains the site and if you have community news or events you would like posted to the site please contact us at  We thank Tennille for her community spirit and wish her well in her future business endeavors.

b) Yard Creek Campsite and Trails will reopen Wednesday, June 2, 2021  For information please read the Yard Creek news posted on this site or


***Campfire ban is in effect.  Please watch this page for updates.

c) Our  Eagle River Secondary School graduates  (Malakwa students) will have available up to (4) $500.00 bursaries courtesy of the Malakwa Community Association.  The membership voted to provide these to our 2021 graduating students who will be continuing their education.  We  congratulate the students for their hard work and wish them well with their future plans.

d) The Malakwa Preschool is very active.  The preschool members would like to thank the Eagle Valley Resource Centre for their help with relicensing so that a daycare can now be offered at the preschool.  The preschool is currently full with 10 students attending.

e) Malakwa Fire Department – training on line has now transitioned to training at the firehall.  The department were very busy over the winter months with call-outs.